About Me


Dre MonsethI’m a communicator first and an artist second. The message is of utmost importance. It can look cool all day long, but if it doesn’t get the point across clearly, then it is quite literally pointless.

I’ve been a freelance graphic designer since 2005 and have also recently worked as one of the in-house designers at a large church. In a rather contrasting job, I worked for a number of years as an office manager in a medical office. Setting up well-functioning systems, creating forms, troubleshooting everything in sight — a different kind of creativity, I guess. But I believe my varied work experiences make me a better designer. In addition to the creative aspect of design, I think things through analytically and want to understand the “why” behind everything.

My studio is at home, not an intimidating, albeit amazing, loft downtown. So meetings are usually at a Starbucks and emails are responded to while dinner is in the oven. I like to do business in a way that is simple and practical — to get you what you need when you need it, and hopefully to have exceeded your expectations when it’s all said and done.


Hope MaeI’ve lived in Maple Grove the majority of my life. I grew up here and now my husband and I own a home here. Other than feeling a little uninteresting for never leaving this corner of the Twin Cities, I’m really happy in this community. There are plenty of great places to run, bike, eat, and just hang out — plus we’re really close to our family and friends which is so critical. Minnesota might not be near the ocean and the winter might come within inches of destroying my soul … but the people!

The biggest thing in my life right now is that I’m a new mom. I am captivated by my sweet little girl, Hope. I’ve got a whole new appreciation for parents — this is really challenging! It’s also the most amazing and joy-giving thing I’ve ever done. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to freelance so I can be with her so much.

Dre & husband BenOther miscellaneous tidbits: ♦ My husband and I love baseball and we love to travel. So each summer, we take a trip to a different ballpark (lining up with the Twins schedule when possible). We’ve got a score book we use to keep score at each game. ♦ We have a close group of friends that we do life with. We’ve designated one night each week to getting together since 2007. We’ve been through three births, five deaths, and one wedding. I cannot imagine life without them. ♦ Hope has 26 first cousins — all on her dad’s side. ♦ I’ve known my husband, Ben, virtually my whole life. My crush began when I was 16. He caught up when I was 20. He is my best friend.